Celebration of Harvest 2016

The “Celebration de Recolte” means a celebration of the harvest in French. We are celebrating this “nouvelle huile” (new oil), from our 2016 October harvest at the peak of it’s freshness after it’s short rest from the press before bottling. Right now the oil contains the highest level of antioxidants and polyphenols it will have during it’s shelf life.

This year’s harvest has a more floral aroma, softer taste, and is more golden in color than the 2015 oil. Our Cayon (pollinator) trees produced extraordinarily heavy this year and may have made that floral influence to the oil. The fresh, unique flavor will gradually mellow with time and is meant to be savored within the next few months. This oil is available only through February.

Try some today!

Bon Appetit & Good Health in 2017
Carole and Yancey