News & Notes | January 2018


The harvest came in later than usual this fall. The olives were milled November 1st, the oil has rested for 2 months, and has been bottled, ready for sales. After years of drought, 2017 was a very rainy year for California, followed by a scorching summer here in the valley. Any one or all of these conditions may have affected the later harvest, but not our oil! It is a bright and peppery oil. Be sure to make a note on your order which year’s oil you would like us to send you—2016 or 2017.


The ranch was open on the weekends for the holidays and one day our customers arrived in style! Guests came in via our neighbor’s horse and wagon, singing Christmas carols along the way! How fun is that?!


Our corporate gifts and the gift crates sold very well during the holidays. Each year I try to find interesting and useful containers to package our sets, rather than using the traditional “basket” gifts. I’m already gathering new ones for the 2018 holidays. The crates shown in the TFO shop are still available, of course.


And it was our honor again this December to donate oil to the Modesto Gospel Mission. We were able to expand our donation to Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, a large homeless center that feeds and provides services to 700-800 people per day. Even though the jugs were a bit heavy for him, grandson Ian pitched in to offload!

With gratitude, we are thankful for the blessing of bountiful harvests that we are able to share with others.


In our continuing business with Bozzano Olive Ranch, we are offering, for the first time, their organic balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy. We have this rick and thick vinegar in 3 flavors, traditional, fig, and apricot. Each one is unique and can liven up your favorite dishes! Try one today!

We have finally found a gallon container that will safely handle shipping. This size is your best value and most economical if you use larger quantities of olive oil. So look for this item on the TFO shop list.

Our French Olive T-shirts are 100% cotton and printed with our stylized name on the front. At this time, we have adult-sized shirts only in a variety of colors and sizes.

Visit the TFO Shop today or click on the images below to find these new products.


On a final note, for the first time since we began this venture, we have had to increase our prices a bit starting this month. Labor costs and availability are hitting the agricultural community pretty hard, and that includes us as well. So please note there is a slight rise in our prices. Our flat rate shipping cost will remain the same.

THANK YOU for your continued business and enthusiasm for our olive oil!

May 2018 be a happy and prosperous year for you!

Bon Appetit!

Carole and Yancey