TFO News – Fall 2013

New French Olive Room!September Excitement

The French Olive sign was completed and hung on the barn by Treavor Kerch, metal artist and sign master ( Treavor did an extraordinary job in replicating and crafting our distinctive logo. Thank you, Treavor, for a job well done!

Harvest 2013

The olives ripened early this year…by a month! We organized the work parties, friends and family as well as the professionals, and harvest was completed in 2 days. Another record tonnage! Our crew picked a VERY full bin, netting 910 pounds of olives. A total of 6829 pounds were harvested off our trees; that is 3.42 tons! Our olives yielded 176 gallons of lovely oil which is a record 51.5 gallons /ton. Most growers average about 32 gallons/ton. Go French Tanche olives!

December News

The French Olive oil was featured in a Christmas Stocking Stuffer article in our local newspaper. This weekly article during the holidays features offerings from various retailers and one week was Morris Nursery’s suggestions. They displayed our olive oil with other local “foodie” ideas. The article also had a great description of our product. Awesome advertising!

The French Olive’s oil storage and tasting room is taking shape in the barn….the dividing wall has been completed, the French doors installed, and the flooring installed. Thank you to our excellent workers! In early 2014, it will be fully functional and open for the 2013 oil storage, tasting, and sales.